My baby's turning 2

I know all mothers say it, but I really can't believe that Levi will be two tomorrow.  My baby, a VBAC delivery, born after 15 hours of unmedicated labor is now a toddler. (WAAAA!!)  Having him was such an awesome, wonderful experience.  We are so blessed to have him in our family!  

(By the way, I asked him if he would stay my baby forever...can you guess his answer??) =P

When looking through some pictures this afternoon, I came across these and I just had to share.  They are from when Levi was 10 months old.  One night while Steven was gone making visits for church, we were out playing in the grass.  Levi got a hold of a piece and it was hysterical!  Enjoy!

{He always would hold one foot up in the air...hilarious!}

{Good ole' country boy...chewin' on a piece of grass, lol.}



{This is one of my all-time favorites!}

Happy Birthday Levi! 
 We love you bunches!!!!

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