The Much-Anticipated "Box Day"

Every year my kids (and myself included!) cannot wait to open the box of new school books!  Our box arrived last week during VBS.  Due to the craziness of that week, it remained unopened until Tuesday.  There it sat, evoking questions every 20 minutes it seemed of "Can we open it yet??"  (Kinda like "Are we there yet?")

As you can see from the box, we use Sonlight curriculum for our homeschool.  This is our fourth year using it and I still love it so much.  We have tried another very popular curriculum, but nothing compares to Sonlight in our opinion.  My husband went to Christian School his whole life and I was homeschooled for 5 years and went to Christian School for the rest.  While we had a good education, we both wish we would have learned all of the things our children our learning.  

The inside of the box is so cool...it has a pattern so you can cut it and make it into a castle.  How cool is that?   And see all of the paper?  Even though there are just books in this box, they are always packed with extreme care and padded with tons of paper so nothing slides around or is bent.

In less than five minutes, the dining room floor was covered in books, paper strewn everywhere, and Lydia and Caleb were completely engrossed in the new books.

They LOVED looking at some of the science books. They are just so cool...Steven and I love them as well!  (Steven spent 1.5 hours the other night reading one of their new science books!)

Other than Lydia's math curriculum and handwriting book, these are all her books along with instructors guides, activity sheets, etc. for 3rd grade.  I'll be unpacking this 1st grade material that we already have for Caleb to use.

These are the literature read-a-loud books that go along with what she is learning in history.  Cannot wait to read them!

Here are her readers for the language program.  These books also correspond to what she is learning in history and literature.  I love that she will be reading whole chapter books.

Last year I combined Lydia and Caleb in Science and since it worked so well, I chose to do it again this year.  We will be studying Geology, Meteorology and Mechanical Techonology in this science program.

Lydia's favorite subject is history!  This year we will begin our first journey through American History.  We have already made one full sweep through World History and Cultures and I'm so thankful that those were taught first.

Wordly Wise and Sequential Spelling are supplemental books that go along with the Language Arts program.

Every year, Sonlight gives a free gift of your choice for purchasing their curriculum.  This year I chose this leather book weight.  It's very nice and will definitely come in handy for large books that don't want to stay open!

I was thrilled to find this tucked away in the box!  What a nice surprise!  This is a new product included in each curriculum.  It is a CD-ROM loaded with helpful information as well as encouraging notes for Mom.  The CD is well organized and divided up into weekly segments with supplementary links for teaching ideas, crafts, videos, pictures, recipes, etc., all geared to help make what you are learning that week more exciting.  I clicked through many of the links and was impressed with the research and time it took to put something like this together.  It really is an invaluable resource!

{Lydia is super excited about school after seeing her books!}

For all you homeschool mommas out there, what are you studying this year?  Do you get really excited like me when the books arrive?  Oh, and have you ever heard of Sonlight?  (You can go here and click the different links to learn all about them.)   

If you have any questions for me about Sonlight or homeschooling in general, comment or shoot me an email and I'll be happy to answer!

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  1. Laine,
    We use the Rod and Staff curriculum for our girls. We love that it mostly based on the Bible. I've heard alot of good things about Sonlight too. Do you pick and choose or do you just buy the whole 3rd grade set at once? Curious about how you do history and science with different grade levels. Have you ever seen the moving beyond the page books and workbooks? We started one this year for history, and my 2nd grader LOVES it!

  2. Yay for Sonlight! I have found no better way to teach my children. Dave agrees! Looking at your pictures makes me think of our own journey through those books. We loved Walk the World's Rim. Made the girls cry though. They weren't expecting the ending. They LOVED The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Johnny Tremain was also a favorite. The reading of Aztecs, Incans and Mayans ended up one day with the kids building a quite accurate Aztec temple out of Legos, complete with Lego people at the top getting ready to sacrifice. I should have taken a picture. Lots of memories, lots of fun! I'm halfway through this core with Davey now, and getting ready to start Core F with the girls in about five weeks! I'm really excited about Core F! Have fun! :)

  3. Loretta,

    With Sonlight, you can do "one stop shopping" and buy everything they recommend for 3rd grace, or you can just buy the "core" curriculum for that grade, and customize the rest with the Language Arts, Handwriting, Spelling, Math, Science, etc. that will suit your child. Although I do not combine for history, combining with science is pretty easy. They give an age range that a certain Science curriculum would be suitable for. Like for this year, I chose one that's suitable for a 6,7,8,9 year old level. My son is six and my daughter will soon be 8 so it is a perfect match. They also give you a lot of teaching helps and ideas that you can make your science harder for an older child.

    I have never seen the moving beyond workbooks although I believe i have heard of them.

    I hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions. =)

  4. Looks like some great books! We love Carry On Mr Bowditch. I'm rather eclectic in my curriculum so it comes from different places and on different days.

  5. What fun! The kids opened a box I put together for the first day. We are all having fun with the new loot.

  6. All those books look like so much fun. I could picture our girls on the floor just like your kiddos sitting there. :)

    I just realized that I used to follow your blog a while back, but I think it possibly had a different name. Happy to have found you again!

  7. Thank you for sharing in such great detail about your curriculum. I LOVE the pictures of the books, and your kids excitement of opening them. I'd never heard of Sonlight before - and we're already set for this year, but I'm looking forward to maybe investigating it for the future.


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