Joys of Summer

Want to know one of my very favorite things about summer? 
Fresh fruit! 

{huge bucket of tree ripened peaches--$10}

For many years now, my favorite place for fruit is a local farm named Linebergers.   While they are famous for their strawberries, their peaches are always amazing!  If you are local you really need to go and visit!  All these peaches are not lasting us long though..my kids love them and I've been eating about three a day!  You know...one for me, one for the baby, and another thrown in for good measure.  =)

{fresh, organic blueberries--free!}
These are really fresh...we picked them this afternoon!  Some friends of ours have blueberry bushes and called us to see if we wanted to pick today.  They told us to pick as much as we could.  In about one hour, our family picked the peach bucket about 2/3 full.  We weighed it and we had 15 pounds of blueberries!!  What a blessing!  There's going to be a lot of blueberry muffins, pancakes, etc. in our future...YUM!

What's your favorite summer fruit?


  1. When I saw the first lines of your post, I thought, "Ha, ha, here in Brazil we have fresh fruit year-round!" But then I saw the peaches and blueberries and I was immediately jealous; we can't get those here!
    Enjoy an extra helping for us!
    - The Schrocks

  2. Looks delicious!!! We drove by Lineburgers a zillion times but we just went there for the first time last fall to pick out a pumpkin. :)


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