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Last Friday, my friend Amy and I decided that we just had to make the canvases found here.  We both loved them.  I even emailed her that morning and demanded that we have a crafting day A.S.A.P.  But we had a yard sale planned for Saturday morning and VBS coming up so I just knew we wouldn't be making them anytime soon.  

Friday afternoon Amy and her husband Eric called and said they would come over and eat supper with us and crash in our living room since they were going to browse our junk at our yard sale early the next morning (and really just hang with us since they are awesome friends like that.)

Around 7:00pm we were chatting around the table and spontaneously decided that we were going to paint the canvases.  That night.  And we were still supply-less.  So, at 7:30 we found ourselves speeding to Michaels, hoping to make it in and out before they closed at 8:00.  (Thankfully when we got there we saw they didn't close till 9:00...whew!)  About 45 minutes later, armed with canvases and an arsenal of acrylic paint, we headed home to put my kiddies in bed and get started. 

Then the real fun began.  We had a blast laughing at ourselves and realizing how utterly poor our geometry skills were now that we are 10+ years removed from high-school.  Pitiful as we were, by 10:00pm, we finally had the grid figured out and were ready to finish drawing the pattern. 

Painting it was really exciting, although kind of tedious at times.  Have you ever realized how difficult it is to be intentionally random??  

Amy and I used the same color choices, and although we did this sitting side by side, they turned out SO different!  Her canvas is awesome in my opinion and I wish I had a picture to share with you.  

Don't look too closely at my petals...please...my hand is not the steadiest!  BUT, some blame is being put onto Amy's hubby Eric. Oh yes.  He's guilty.  He was sleeping in the living room and snoring away and every so often he would let out some crazy sounding snore (you know the kind where you are sure they are going to choke to death or something??) and I would be right in the middle of a petal and bust out laughing and "Oops!", out the paint went from the line I was trying to stay in.  So if you see a petal that's not perfect, just blame Eric. =P

It came together so well and adds such a beautiful and unique pop of color to my home.  (Fun art should go beside our summer list, don't you think?)  And there's just something about knowing that you painted a piece of art yourself...nobody else has it and there will never be another one just like it.  I'm going to leave the pencil lines on it too...I love the personality it adds.   

In my effort to create in my home a space that reflects who we are and what we love, this quirky, imperfect piece, is well, perfect.

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  1. I really love it! It's inspiring for me to do something like that myself! Great idea and great job!

  2. cool~ very neat. Ahem...especially the chalkboard.

  3. so cool!!! I love it and the extra color looks awesome!!

  4. This is so cool! Definitely will be stealing this idea! Now just to pick a room to use it! I love your color choices too!

  5. this piece turned out great! my s.i.l., lindsey (pleated poppy) also made one. i like the pattern, and can see it landscaping a wall in our home, but it looks so TEDIOUS, and i KNOW i'd paint outside the lines. now that i see yours i really want one!


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