I Love Thrifting Day

On Saturday, in over 20 cities across America, bloggers and thrifting lovers got together to meet up and bargain hunt!  Rashon {Mr. Goodwill Hunting}, organized all of this and it was an awesome idea!  Amy, Molly and I rode together and the first stop was the Habitat ReStore in Charlotte.  I had the privilege to see the Nester again, and also meet Pam, Angela and Christa, plus many other women who aren't bloggers but love thrifting.  

See Christa over there on the right sitting on the end of the couch??  She's adorable and sweet and had such a cute baby bump!  We are due three weeks apart so it was so much fun to be together.  And come to find out, her husband is the youth pastor at my in-laws church!  Small world. 

{Rashon and Nester}

{Nester and I..of all the times I've met her this is our first picture!}

Next stop was Goodwill, where Amy and I scored some great deals!

Amy found some great deck chairs for 9.99 a piece!  She was so thrilled!

This was my favorite find...a bolt of barn red ticking stripe with yards and yards of fabric on it.  I didn't realize until I took this picture at home that there is another denim colored fabric wound underneath the ticking stripe.  Can you see the price??  $6.99!  Plus Nester gave us all 10% off coupons for the local Goodwills!  Yay!

Our next stop, after getting completely lost, was The Sleepy Poet Antique Mall.  It was HUGE and full of interesting finds.  

This was my very favorite booth, I loved so many things in it!

I love old Pepsi and Coke wooden crates...one of these days I'll find one I can afford!

A picture of an antler wall...dedicated to the Nester. =)

Love these old suitcases!

And this turquoise dresser...{swoon!}  

This event was such a success and it definitely should happen again!  

Just wondering, any of you want to meet up as a small group and go thrifting??  


  1. Laine, Saturday was so fun and it was really nice to meet you. We never made it to Sleepy Poet's because a bunch of us stayed at GW and talked for about an hour! I'm going to have to go to to SP and shop sometime soon. I LOVE that dresser!

  2. I would love to get together and go thifting. Count me in. If you don't mind your mother-in-law tagging along.

  3. I'm in the pic, but really didn't meet many of you! (I'm in the white)

    I love Sleepy Poet and need to get back there, but I found a great old Coke crate at Metrolina for $15!

  4. Hey! Christa and I worked together at camp several summers ago! Small world! :)

  5. Little Susie was still in mourning at the loss of all her pet mule deer when she had to pose for her "Antler Wall" portrait.

  6. adorable picture of you and the Nester, Laine!! I am just a little jealous as I love her blog! So glad you, Molly, Amy, and Christa all got to go (and yes, weird, I know all of you!)

    I would love to go thrifting but Charlotte is a little far for a day trip. BUT, if I am ever up visiting ABC or Molly, maybe we can work out a thrifting trip! :)

    love your fabric - and that was a great price too.

    working on my I <3 thrifting post - I went to the Atlanta one with Rhoda from Southern Hospitality.

  7. ummm...I don't know why I never saw this post before today??? but anyhow, I did just read it and yes - I am in for a thrifting/yard-saling/crafting/sewing/furniture re-vamping day. Btw, we really need to get a blogging conference in Charlotte... I'm gonna work on that one...


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