Cow Appreciation Day

Every summer, we look forward to Cow Appreciation day at Chik-fil-A!  We made some felt ears and tails, "Eat More Chicken" signs, got dressed in black and white and then headed off to join the madness.  Every member of our family got a free meal so I'd say dressing up was worth it, don't you?

Lydia and Caleb were so excited to finally see the cow in person!  However Levi was not thrilled to be pulled away from the table for a picture.  Separation from his beloved waffle fries was obviously too much to bare!

He finally decided to be nice to the cow and give him a high-five after he had his fries back.  Food is a serious matter to that boy. 

I'm so glad we do this every year. Might be a smidge embarrassing to us adults, but it's so worth it...for the kids, the food and fun memories!

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