The Woes of Re-organizing and De-cluttering

We are having a yard sale in less than two weeks.

I have gone through this house top to bottom several times in the last few months in order to get ready for it.

But I kept skipping the office/craft room.

Too much work.

Finally, enough was enough and I just did it.  

I took every blessed thing out of the closet.

I removed every item from every shelf and out of every box, drawer or basket.


I have gone through every single thing, down to ribbons, thread, zippers, beads, stickers, moss, paint, glue...you name it, it's been gone through, de-cluttered and reorganized.  

But now I'm tired. 

And in the midst of this insanity, I overhauled the boys room as well. 

I must have ADD. 

Why, oh why can't I just do ONE thing at a time??

Throw potty training Levi in the mix too.

Just call me a looney.

Looney Lainey. 

It fits. 

{Just keeping it real!  This was a random shot my hubby took in the midst of the chaos}

{Surprise picture late the other night while blogging, instead of organizing, lol.}

What have you organized lately?
  Ever take on too much and just feel like quitting in the middle?? 


  1. I always start the process of decluttering something, then find myself in another room decluttering it, although I hadn't finished the previous. :) I must have that A.d.d. syndrome. haha.

    Mercy, you look just the same. :)

  2. two days ago, I took all my sets of dishes (and strays I love too much to pitch) out of all my cabinets and hutches - filled my dining room table, chairs, buffet, etc - this morning, after inventory and culling, I put them back in a more orderly fashion - love opening cupboards and seeing order! My boys are college-age now, so I have more free time, but it is amazing how long projects like this can take!

  3. I am organizing all the time and strangely your picture made me feel better that your house isn't perfect and decluttered (but all the pics make it look so nice!). I recently went around my house and took pictures of all the projects I wanted to do or things that needed improving or organizing. I came up with 15 pages!Now on to starting the list!


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