Summerized Mantel

Mantel.  Do you have a mantel? And do you spell it "mantel" or "mantle?"

I just pretend I have a mantel.  Mine is a "fantel", remember?  (Faux+Mantel=Fantel)

Sometimes I have mantel envy.  We used to have a great big fireplace with a wood stove insert and a real, honest-to-goodness mantel.  I miss it. 

For now, I will content myself with my ongoing self-deception that the top of my piano is actually my mantel.  Er..uh...fantel.  Whatever. 

Regardless of it's name, I use it to decorate for the seasons and it's always a fun challenge to see what I can come up with by just shopping my house.  Since I was using what I had, a summery/beachy theme was easy.

Last month I scored these amazing, vintagegy looking glass jugs at a local farm for 50 cents a piece.  I love them!  They are perfect for holding sweet tea or using for decoration.  (The farm used to sell strawberry cider in them.)
See the cool rocks and seaweed sprays?  My good friend Amy brings me back treasures about every year when she goes to the beach.  Reminds me of her every time I walk by!

Love this window from an estate sale that I was able to get for $1.  The home it was from was being condemned and was this really cool, old, white farmhouse.  I think it would have been fun to explore it!


This string of shells was a gift from my great grandfather to his wife.  He made it himself.  I think it's fitting to have it hanging from a window that lived it's life during that time period.

This side table sits between the piano and our couch. Kept it simple with a lantern, books covered in brown paper bags and wrapped in twine, and a plant.  I'm definitely learning the value of nature in decorating, it really adds so much! 

{Succulents resting in my grandmother's carnival glass}

Do you have a mantel or a fantel?  Do you like to decorate for the seasons?


  1. Came from Creation Corner :) Love using old window. I just used one on my deck :)

  2. the mantle looks nice, clean and fresh. Like the look.

  3. I love the photos you have on your site.

    Can you give a tutorial to the rest of us bloggers on taking great shots, and not using a boatload of them to make a point!?

    Beautiful ideas and execution. Thanks.


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