South Mountain State Park

On Saturday, our young adults Sunday School class went hiking at South Mountain State Park.  It was the perfect morning..slightly overcast and not too hot.  Thankfully it didn't get hot and sunny until our hike was over!  Our goal was to hike to the top of High Shoals Waterfall.  {Gulp.} 

{The scenery was gorgeous!  I could have taken so many pictures!}

{Love this}

{High Shoals Waterfall, 80 ft. drop and an elevation of 2,229 ft.}

This is where I made it. The bottom of the waterfall.  Yep.  It was quite a hike just to get to this point and my preggo body just couldn't go anymore. (Plus I've been ordered not to "over-do" it.)  Oh yes, and another minor detail... the bathroom is all the way at the bottom when you enter the park.  Not good.  So my friend and I just camped out here while the rest of the group went to the very top.   

{My Honey and I}

We climbed off the bridge over part of the river flowing from the waterfall and went out on some rocks and to have our picture taken.  (He climbed over the rails, while I had to lay on my back and squeeze out through the bottom rail.  Hilarious!)

{Ice cold watermelon}

{Hot dogs grilled over charcoal are the BEST!}

After our hike we relaxed and ate our pinic fare.  And talked.  And ate.  And goofed off.  Oh yeah, and ate some more.  Watermelon, chips, cookies, caramel walnut brownies, hot dogs, sweet tea...YUM!

{I see you!}

It was a great day and so encouraging to spend time together.  Building relationships takes work, time and sacrifice.  It's little steps forward.  It means going out of our comfort zone.  (You know like 1.7 miles from the bathroom!)  But it's so worth it.  The sense of unity and friendship on Sunday was tangible. 
So thankful for what God is doing in our church....even if it does take sore legs. =)

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