Our Summer List


We finally got it up!  Last year we just made one on posterboard, but this year I was inspired by this gal to make it a little more fun.  I used some of my extra chalkboard that was cut off from making this, asked Steven to drill holes in it, and hung it with twine.
I love all the things the kiddos wanted to put on it, little simple things and a few big things. One of my favorites is "Go on visitation"...they just want to make visits to church members by themselves with Daddy. =)  Such a fun reminder to be intentional in how we spend our summer days! 

What are you doing this summer?  Any special plans?

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  1. What a neat fun idea to put your list on a chalkboard. Its adorable and I love all those ideas. I am a big time list maker and can't wait to put some of your ideas on my list to do this summer. You have a lovely blog by the way :-)


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