Hello Cowgirl Boots

{photo credits: Lydia, age 7}

Caleb has been telling me for quite some time that I need cowgirl boots.
I usually just laugh.
He's so sweet, trying to take care of his mommy.  
He said I needed them for working in the garden. 
And for when it's cold outside. 
Oh yes, and most importantly, so I'll match him. {smile}

For $3.00 at a yard sale Saturday, I couldn't say no.
And who knows, maybe I'll actually get a little fashionable and be able to pull off an outfit like this, or this.
Even if I don't, that $3.00 was so worth making my little man happy.

What do you think of cowgirl boots?  Ugly or fashionable?


  1. Lydia did a great job with her photos! :) I like both outfits and you will be able to pull of either one with your new fashionable boots!

  2. Okay we just have way too many things in common. :) I have a Caleb. I love my cowgirl boots and especially yard sales. So many of your tags are calling to me. Homeschool, family, birth, church, diy, pregnancy, little people, photography! But the next episode of Downton Abbey is calling me too. What to do? I guess I'll have to subscribe. :)


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