Caleb's Request

Caleb: "Mommy.."
Me:  "Yeeesss??"
Caleb:  "Can we take pictures outside before church?"
Me:  "Uumm...sure!"

So we quickly threw our clothes on before heading off to choir practice and the evening service and snapped these quick pics. 

Mommy and her sweeties. 

Levi was bawling...all because I put his truck down for the picture.  (See it in the above picture?)
Mean ole' mommy. 

The world is a better place...he has his beloved, red truck back. 
(Only after he quit throwing his hissy fit, of course!)

Big man with his new Nerf Crossbow.   

I'm so glad Caleb asked.  Reminded me to cherish the normal Sunday's and take more pictures!


  1. Those are some fun and gorgeous pictures...

  2. very cute. and um you are very skinny. mercy. :) Luckkkkay.


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