Birthday Fun

The birthday boy's favorite breakfast...blueberry pancakes and milk! We wrapped his present in newspaper and comics because he likes that sort of thing.  And he LOVED the painters tape bow covered in candy.  Such a boy.  (But hey, I only had hot pink or toile wrapping paper so we had to get creative!)

{He saw this comic last Sunday and laughed SO hard...I just knew we had to use it!}

Army plane, complete with noise, lights, men and guns.  Oh yeah. =P

Since swimming was all he wanted to do for his birthday, our sweet friends let us come over and use their pool.  They surprised us and even had a little party all planned!  

Homemade pizza for dinner with a #6 made out of pepperonis...he was a happy boy!

Every year I let my kiddos choose whatever cake they can imagine.  This year he wanted an  "Airplane Runway" cake.  I am so NOT a good cake decorator, but he loved it and said it was way better than he even imagined.  How sweet. =)

"Make a wish!"

This was waiting for him on the porch after dinner...he was so surprised!
Can you believe I found this Power Wheels 4x wheeler at a yard sale for $12??  Woo-hoo!!  Just don't tell him, okay? Okay.}

Giving baby brother a ride. 

Love this picture!

I'm thinking this is just the beginning of these brothers riding off together.

We had so much fun celebrating...so thankful for my big boy Caleb!!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Caleb! It looks like you had a great day! Love your cake! :)


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