Stitched with Love

When thinking back on my early childhood, I have vivid memories of this ABC quilt being in my room until I was about six or seven years old.  Back in January I thought of it again and asked my mom if she still had it.  She did.  She proceeded to make me promise that I would never ever get rid of it and then and only then, would she let me have it for the boy's room. I promised, of course.  And every time we talk about it she makes me promise again.  Why?

Well, let me explain.  I was the third child and "Third time's the charm", right?  Wrong!  My mom had a really rough pregnancy with me.  She was diagnosed with placenta previa and after multiple times of hemorrhaging and going into labor, the doctors decided that she needed to be in the hospital on bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy.  My mother spent 52 days in the hospital until I was born.  While she was there, she busied herself handsewing.  One of the many beautiful things she made was this quilt.  The stitching is all so perfect and even, it amazes me.  What makes it so amazing is that she was on a medication to keep her from going into labor that made her hands shake continuously!  Wow! 

{Levi's favorite is the Zebra}



{The "B" for bird was my favorite as a kid}

I love handmade things, and I love this quilt. Not just because it's "handmade", but because my mom made it. And all of that stitching was done while going through great trials so she could bring me safely into this world. It truly was stitched with love. 

 (P.S...I love you, Mom!!)


  1. It's gorgeous! ...and so full of love!

  2. Wow!!! This hand work of your mom is really awesome. Gr8 work. This post of yours made me a bit emotional as it reminded me of my mom. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Wowsa! It's beautiful AND it has sentimental value as a bonus. :) I see where you get your sewing from!!

  4. so cute. I want it. ;) Wow, I did not know any of that. and we were practically sisters.

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous, Laine!! And love the story behind it - so precious!!


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