Motivational Blessings

Lately, I've been tired.  Really, really tired.  I will just be honest and say I have not "felt" like being thrifty and frugal and living simply.  I did not want to clip another coupon, or shop at a bunch of different stores, or make a menu, etc., etc. 

Two weeks ago, before going on my usual Saturday morning yard sale hunt, I began to pray about some things that we really needed.  And there were some items I prayed about that you just don't typically find.  But I prayed anyways.  Let's just say it was an amazing day!  God answered my prayers above and beyond what I could have imagined!  I was in tears when I came home and showed Steven what God had provided.  It was such an encouragment to me and definitely was the boost I needed to "keep on keeping on" as they say.  

That was such a convicting experience because I have on many occasions prayed about something I needed before going to a yard sale or a thrift store and God met the need.  But how often I forget!! I am SO like the children of Israel!  Again and again I struggle wondering if God really can provide what I need.  Or can He really stretch my little and make it much?  Will He really do it again this time?

Then I went to the grocery store yesterday. Yes, my friend, He can.  And He did.   


-12 boxes Cheerios (4 mulitgrain, 4 honey nut, 4 cinnamon burst)
-4 boxes Betty Crocker Supreme brownies
-4 bottles Ken's Salad Dressing
-Biltmore House Salad Dressing
-2 boxes Totinos Pizza Rolls (Steven was happy!!)
-2 cans Crescent Rolls
-6 lb. split chicken breast
-2 large bottles Purex detergent
-Huggies wipes
-Resolve Spray 'n Wash laundry stain remover
-Tide to Go Pen
-Mr. Clean Magic Eraser double pack

I just want to encourage you...."keep on keeping on" and trust God for His provision!


  1. What an encouraging post Laine - and what amazing deals!! :) God is so good to us. I can totally relate to the tired feeling these days. ;) Loved the post.

    ...and I love the seeing school work on the chalkboard in the background. :)

  2. That is so true. How often we forget how good God is! Will you become my personal shopper? Amazing!


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