In The Last 12 Days...

...My husband preached his first wedding and I had fun taking hundreds of pictures.

...We woke our children early on a Sunday morning and gave them strange riddles to solve.

....We roasted marshmallows before dinner and...

...licked our fingers until they were clean.

...Our church had our very first Ladies Banquet.  Our theme was "To Everything There Is A Season" based on Ecclesiastes 3:1 with the focus being on contentment.  The ladies who did the decorating did an amazing job.  Every table was decorated a in a different season and each person had a seasonal gift to take home. 

...And since I didn't have to be the speaker (hallelujah!), yours truly was the caterer. 
{So thankful nobody died from the food!}

And during all this craziness.....

....these got dusted off and added to my nightstand.

So, what have you been up to??  =)


  1. OH my goodness! CONGRATULATIONS! and Blessings!

    ...what a sweet way to tell the kids...

  2. Congratulations!! aww maybe it will be another girl and you can even things out! hope everything goes well. and by the way I enjoy you blog.

  3. congratulations Laine!!!! :) I know you said before you a csection with Levi, and you've had complications in previous pregnancies, so you're "allowed" to have more kids? For some reason I thought you were going to have to stop with 3. Glad you're healthy and all is well enough to keep em coming! :) How exciting!

  4. Sooo thrilled for ALL God is doing in your life!

  5. aw, congrats!! :) Hooray for another cutie entering into the world!! ;)

  6. Aw! Congrats! Didn't decipher the chalkboard clue until I saw it a second time. :)

  7. You are crazy creative. Love your captions. I too, did not understand the chalkboard until after the last picture. Congrats to you and the family.

    The food from the luncheon looked amazing and so professionally done. What did your serve? Do you have a close up of some of the dishes? It is always nice to see what others make when entertaining.

  8. Aww! Congratulations!! So happy for you.
    (Please don't ever, ever wake me up early to solve riddles. It won't be pretty! Haha!)

  9. SO happy for you! Allison showed me the last picture, but I didn't get it until I saw the riddle. Ha! Ha! How's that for backwards?!? : )


  10. yea! so happy for you guys! I know I've never met you but I have enjoyed following your blog and sarah tells me all about you :) I would love to know some recipesof the things you made...always interested in "new" things to make for baby showers and all....the table looked awesome...was that strawberry shortcakes you put in those clear cups?

  11. Congratulations! We'll be praying for you and your family as you anticipate God's newest little blessing!


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