Trying to Wait

Waiting on some things is not difficult for me.  But waiting on things that I have to look at everyday and try to not let it bug me....now, that is a different story.  Since we moved into this home last year, it has been an unending project.  We have done SO much, but yet there is still so much that must be finished.  I learned to live without kitchen cabinets for 8 months and just have a door and this as my counter space and still practice hospitality.  I've learned that having a perfect home is not necessary to invite others in.  "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful"...sound familiar? (Go see this gal if you don't know that phrase.) 

One thing I waited and waited and waited for is lamps for this table.  Our living room tends to be dark and I have been tempted on numerous occasions to buy some overpriced lamp somewhere.  But waiting for almost a year paid off and I found these beauties for $1.99 and $2.99 at Goodwill.  It was SO worth the wait.  They were exactly what I was looking for and no DIY needed.  Yay! 

Now I'm waiting on another shade.  I found the one pictured for $1.99 and have since been scouring Goodwill and yardsales for another, and again, I'm tempted to just buy one at Target.  The waiting never ends!  But that's okay.  Waiting for something that fits my tiny budget is worth it.  That's just one small way I learn patience.  Making my home into a haven my family loves doesn't happen in a day.  It's a journey with little touches added here and there along the way that makes it "us."  

How about you?  Any item you are specifically waiting on to fit your budget?  I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I love your decorating style. I could just look at that gallery wall all day. :-) And, I think the lamps look great too. Definitely worth the wait.

  2. first, you must have a low-priced Goodwill cause lamps would be at least $5-8 at ours :) I am getting very frustrated with their prices on stuff they get DONATED to them to sell. Glad it is yardsale season so I can shop there and not Goodwill.

    Second, I agree with Esther - your decorating style is gorgeous and what I want my house to look like (I am slowly working on it but like you waiting for those great deals to pop up!)

    And I LOVE that desk - been looking for something just like that.

    Oh, and LOVE the white - it is seriously my favorite color right now! :)

    I vote for more house/décor posts! :)


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