Tennis Shoe Rescue

A few weeks ago, on a rare, childless outing,  I found these shoes for Caleb at Goodwill.  I was thrilled because it is really hard to find second-hand shoes that are in good shape because, well, just face it, boys are rough on shoes!  (And everything else for that matter!)  They fit him perfectly, except for one thing.  The velcro would not stay velcroed anymore.  It had become really fuzzy and there was no grip left.  While I contemplated just returning them, it hit me..."Duh! I can fix these with velcro dots!!" So I did.

These little velcro dots were in my crafting stash, but they are widely available at Walmart and crafting stores. 

I tried just sticking them on, but that lasted about two pulls.  So out came the hot glue gun!

If you look really close you can see them, I only put two because he always tightens the velcro until he's practically cutting off his circulation.  (Any of your kids do that?)

Only one was necessary on the "hook" side.  And after a few weeks of wearing the shoes and repeated strap pulling, the velcro is still in place and secure.  Hooray!


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