Discovery Place

So where have I been and why have I not been blogging like normal?  Well, after two weeks of non-stop sickness around here, we had our annual, week-long, Spring Revival meetings.  It was an awesome week spent with this family.  The preaching was wonderful and the fellowship was so refreshing!  

Since both of our families home school, we decided to take a field trip to the Discovery Place in Charlotte.  It is a hands on science museum for children and is amazing!  We all had so much fun!

Just three of the many attempts to get them to all stand still and smile at once.  So funny!

They could have played in this one area ALL DAY!  

 Had fun playing with the settings on my camera while the kids played with this light wall. Didn't turn out perfect, but I love how interesting it is!

Love this.

Bed of nails anyone?

What a great day!  Thank you Crow Family for spending it with us!

Have you ever been to the Discovery Place?


  1. Hi Laine,
    I've been wanting to take Evan there since it opened, but just haven't made it yet. I know he'll love it. I love your pictures! They're amazing and very artistic! I also didn't realize that you guys homeschool...I guess it just never came up. Bryon and I are 95% sure that we're also going to homeschool after he finishes his next year of preschool. We've been doing a ton of reading, mostly Linda Dobson and John Taylor Gatto, but I'd love to talk to you about it sometime!

  2. Oh What fun! we have been to Discovery Place - but it's been a long time...

  3. Looks like ya'll had a blast. :) We have something like that in Baltimore, right by Camden Yard...We took our kiddos there it was super expensive though...so only on special occasions do we go. :) I love the picture of LEvi! Super cool! Glad everyone is better! :)

  4. I'm assuming this is the new one in Huntersville? I've been to the original one but I really want to take the kiddos to the new one. Everyone says it's amazing!
    I've heard that they will give homeschoolers a "group" rate of $5/ea?

  5. Renee,

    No, this is the one in downtown Charlotte. I have not been to the one in Huntersville yet. I actually had forgotten about it until you mentioned it!


    We'll have to talk homeschooling sometime! I look forward to it. =)


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