Anything For A Smile {a.k.a. Bribery}

As soon as our van pulled in the driveway after Sunday morning church, I had a brilliant idea.  I was going to take a few pictures of the boys before lunch.  They looked so handsome and it was a beautiful day.  But they were hungry.  And tired.  (What was that I said about being brilliant???)

Can you tell it started out perfectly?!  He was refusing to even look at the camera!

Since hiding his face wasn't working, he decided to try and get off of the chair.

But then, beloved Daddy appeared with a piece of a brownie....

......and told him he had to smile.

"No more brownie if you won't smile!"


"Am I done yet??  Is this smile big enough??"

And the promise of another bite brought a few more minutes of cooperation.  

What a stinker.  
A cute, adorable stinker. 
But a stinker nonetheless.

*Just for the record, we don't normally bribe our kids.  Actually, this may be the first time ever.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, eh?? {cough:cough}


  1. aw. he is way too cute! Love that cheesy grin!

  2. hey do what you gotta do sometime...I have coax my kids in a sucker or whatever I have on hand if they would go take some pictures for me :)


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