Insulated Kindle Case {61/365}

My sweet hubby completely surprised me with a Kindle for Valentine's Day! I really like it!  But knowing how clumsy yours truly can be (and with three little people around), I knew that it was going to need some protection.  So, I whipped up this case for it. 


After I decided to make a case for the Kindle, I searched and searched for some instructions to follow and didn't find anything I liked.  Finally, I decided to just make a basic, lined and padded, zippered pouch.  When I was at Hobby Lobby to get some padding, I found this Insul-Bright Insulated Lining. (See picture below.)  The lady working in the fabric department said it was new, that she had tried it and it worked really well.  (And it was only $2.49 a yard, woo-hoo!) In the instructions it says you can use it for oven mitts, insulated lunch boxes, shades and drapes and many other projects. It works by reflecting the heat or cold back to the source.  So, I bought this and used it for the padding for my Kindle case!  Now, my Kindle will have some protection from the elements, just in case it was left in the car, etc.  Cool, huh?

I have to admit, after searching all over for a "DIY Kindle Case" and not finding anything I liked, I was all excited thinking that I had actually had a good idea and made some cute, clever, unique Kindle case.  And then I happened to see this.  My bubble was popped.  Oh well.  I still love it!  

What's your take on e-readers?  Do you love them or hate them?

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  1. Jeremy got me one for Christmas. LOVE IT!! I've downloaded tons of free books too. I check amazon every week, and they'll usually have new free books. It's great for traveling!

  2. And now for the rest of the story... Since I have started loading my sermon outlines onto her kindle and preaching from it, my wife made this frilly, girly, sissy looking case to discourage me from carrying it to church. Now you know her real motive.

  3. Love this pouch! I have a Kindle app on my iPhone, so I do use an e-reader. Love using it too! Too bad I don't have an excuse to make a good looking pouch like this though! Very creative, and very nice. Love your creativity, Laine!

  4. This is great! Love it! Thank you for sharing!


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