Flighty Visitor {62/365}

Yesterday afternoon while Lydia and I were sitting on the couch reading her history book, I heard a loud commotion in the kitchen and there in the dining room was a big, fat, brown bird!  Inadvertently, one of my children left the back door open a crack and in flew our feathered friend!  Lydia was trying not to freak out as it was flying about and crashing into all the windows.  Seriously though, you don't realize how fast they are and how pointed their beaks are until one is flying at your head!  (Unfortunately the bird wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get a picture.)  Finally, after about 15 minutes of the bird hiding under furniture, flying into the windows and perching on the curtain rods, we were able to shoo it out the back door.  

All I could think of after it happened was this video I saw on the Inspired Room blog a few weeks ago.  Hilarious!!

Ever had a bird fly into your house?


  1. Ha ha! Short answer, yes. But the flying squirrel in our home was more memorable. :)

  2. We had a bat one time. That was weird.


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