"Can someone give me a hand??" {70/365}

I'm pretty sure that's what was going through his mind. 

I had just been taking a picture of something when I turned around just in time to see him pull his hand out of the back of his diaper.  Uh-oh.

He came running, hand extended for me to examine it.

Then he began proclaiming, "Yucky...yucky!" 
So I did what any good mother would do.  I told him to go show Daddy.

And then Daddy did what daddy's do and told him to go show Mommy.  Poor kid. 
(Notice the plumbers crack and smear! Ha!)

Since he figured he wasn't going to get any help, he took matters into his own hands and wiped it on his shirt!!  Gross!

Is it gone yet?

Let's try this again!

Still not gone...help!!

So, how was your day??  =)

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