Throw Pillow Covers {50/365}

Definitely loving my new pillow covers!  Always amazing what fabric and a little time will do!

P.S.  Linked this post to Under the Table and Dreaming.  Check it out to see some fabulous projects!


  1. very cute. I know what blog your stalking. :) Is that pillow ruffle thingy hard? Saw that there was a tutorial but didn't look to see because it looks hard.

    You need to come re-decorate my house please. :]

  2. Love the pillows! I also love to sew and am looking forward to a new project: making my own roman shades. With kids, I've always wanted something that will be cute but practical. Have you ever tried them before? Here's a link to a tutorial: http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2009/02/make-shades-out-of-mini-blinds.html

  3. Mary,

    Those roman shades are really neat! Thanks for sharing that, I think I may try those in my laundry room.

    I saw some of your bags on your blog a while back. You are a great seamstress! And they are so cute!


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