Recovery {40/365}

I am alive and am recovering slowly but surely.  My two wisdom on the left side are not really bothering me at all.  There are huge holes where the teeth were but it is not giving me any trouble.  The lower right wisdom tooth though is causing tons of pain.  They had to cut out some bone and there are many, many stitches on that side.  It hurts all the way down my throat, internally and externally, and my tongue feels like they attempted to remove it as well!  

Honestly, I think recovery from wisdom tooth extraction is worse than having a baby.  Seriously.  I never used pain meds after my three were born, not even after Caleb was born via C-section.  Now I am so grateful for Percocet!

Yesterday I was very tired and just slept, laid around, and read.  Oh yeah, and ate ice cream.  Hey, the doctor said cold foods!

Last night the kids wanted to cheer me up and put on a puppet show for me.  Lydia decided to use a book for her puppet's narration and read, "My Tooth is Loose."  Appropriate.  Afterwards though she said, "Oh Mommy, I'm sorry!  I didn't realize until now that it might hurt your feelings!"  Sweet girl.  I assured her my feelings were fine. =)

{Puppet theatre I made for Christmas}

Today I am still in a lot of pain, but I was getting a little stir crazy. My husband has ordered me to do nothing (can I just say how wonderful he is?), so I sat on the bed and made these with fabric scraps. ( I found the tutorial here.)  I can't wait to get some chain and finish them.  They will be such pretty necklaces!

{I love them already!}

Any of you had your wisdom teeth removed?  How was your recovery?


  1. I have been meaning to let you know that I think the flowers are great. I am do not sew so I will have to hunt down some fabric scraps. Then, I am going to try to make some hairbands for Aiden. I have to send you a picture of the hairbands that I made for her birthday as a giveaway. They turned out really cute. And the kids LOVED them. So much better than a grab bag of junk- don't you think?

    As for my wisdom teeth, they really did not hurt post extraction. I just remember being overwhelmed by the horrible taste and smell that I felt was coming from my mouth. Thinking about it almost makes me gag- even though it has been 13+ years ago.

  2. I had all four of mine removed. I spent two weeks looking like a chipmunk with the mumps. The best part was I had the surgery the week before college started. When I was moving into the dorm, I put a picture of you and me on my desk and one of my roommates asked, "Who's that?" I said, "That's my girlfriend." He said, "Who's that guy with her?"

  3. Laine, I had my wisdom teeth out in hs when I had jaw surgery to correct my TMJ. I was a chipmunk like Steven. Mack had his 3 remaining wisdom teeth taken out a few months back. It was very hard on him. The pain was tremendous. He was grateful for Percocet as well.

    You mentioned not needing pain meds after Caleb's Csection delivery. All I can say is WHAT?! I also had Csections and was in pain even with the heavy meds esp. after Jacob's birth 3 years ago. The morning after his delivery the nurse encouraged me to get out of bed. She did not realize I hadn't had any meds in a few hours. That pain was I.N.T.E.N.S.E. Good for you! You are my hero! I enjoy your blog!

  4. I also had my wisdom teeth pulled but I was in college...I do remember taking the day off but then going to work the next day so guess I wasn't in too much pain tho I do remember the embarrassment of trying to eat when your mouth is numb....not a good idea to eat when around tons of people and you dont know if the food went in or down the shirt :)


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