Open Shelving-Part 2 {38/365}

{Milkglass, white dishes, birdy tray from a dear friend, KitchenAid mixer... these are a few of my favorite things!}

After receiving a question about what I meant about open shelving, I decided to post these pictures. 

During the remodeling process of this home (which is still a work in progress!), we knocked out the wall dividing the kitchen from the living room. It resulted in a very open, central living area, commonly known as an "open floor plan."  In place of the wall, we put in a bar counter.  There are cabinets on the kitchen side and barstools on the other.  It has afforded me loads of counter space!  And my children love to sit on the stools and watch what is going on in the kitchen, help, or just sit there and chat with me.  (I love that!)

All that to say this: the wall with open shelving is very visible from every part of our kitchen, living room and dining room.  If you are sitting on my couch and staring straight ahead, this is what you will see.  At first all of those three wall cabinets were open, but my husband thought it looked too busy.  So we just left the middle open.  It was a good compromise. =) 

My tip for open shelving?  Stick with one color for your dishes.  I chose white, because other than my simple adoration of white dishes, they are easy to find at thrift shops and yard sales.  Even if the patterns are not the same, the color pulls them together. 

Now that you've seen my open shelving, what do you think?  Are you ready to remove a cupboard door or two?

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