Sweethearts {58/365}

{My Honey and I}

He started loving me at 16.  He still loves me going on 28.  Sometimes I cannot fathom why he loves me.  But he does, and he shows it. 
Today, while harassing me in the church kitchen, he randomly dipped me and kissed me.  In front of the college students, who of course pretended to be embarrassed.  It was great.
Sure is wonderful to be in love!


  1. I remember when he started loving you...awesome that its still going strong!! :) you guys are a great example to those college students I'm sure :)

  2. Luckiest man alive. That would be me.

  3. Yeah, I was there... It was totally gross... Just kidding! It's great to see a happily married couple, especially since Pastor is doing some of our marriage counseling...

  4. Yes, I was there...and I knew something was up. Within two weeks of meeting Steven Chambers, my Orioles fanatic, Tomboy daughter turned into a "Girl". And when I asked if she was having any trouble with her math class, she said, "a little...but 'Steven' is helping me with it". I said, "who is Steven?"..."Oh, just this boy in my class". I could tell by the way she said 'Steven' that he wasn't just some boy in her class...and their love story began. The rest is history...and I am the luckiest mother-in-law & grandma in the world.


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