Impromptu Picinic {52/365}

During recess this morning, Lydia and Caleb asked if we could have a picnic for lunch since the weather was so nice. 

Our gourmet lunch included PB&J and apple wedges.  Served in an old baking pan.  Very Martha Stewart-ish, eh?

Here was my second attempt at a cute picture with everyone smiling.  Levi was only interested in stuffing his face.

Here we go again, this time with Caleb squinting and Levi again shoving a sandwich in his mouth. (I'm beginning to think that getting all three looking and smiling will take a miracle!)

After I took those pictures, I noticed that all the sandwiches in the tray had one big bite out of each of them.  Levi had been sampling!  

Here's the other side of the tray with the other sandwiches.  The top one has a big bite, and the other had the top nibbled all the way across.  Not only had Levi been sampling the sandwiches, he evidently had to taste some of the apples as well.  See the two pieces of apple?

Oh look, there's another Levi apple on the blanket! 

A few minutes later Levi took Lydia's sandwich and ran off.  As soon as he turned and saw us looking at him while he stuffed it in his mouth, he dropped it!  Guilty!!

 Then he came back, plopped on the blanket, and received punishment for stealing his sister's sandwich: a smooch.  It's always terrible for a little brother.  His face says it all.

What wild antics have your children been up to today?


  1. Okay Levi is way 2 cute! Love his cheeks. oh, and by the way, I love love LOVE the impromtu picnic blanket. yup. ;]

  2. I cannot wait until we get to go outside and be warm! Well, after this weekend anyway. We have a sledding party on Saturday!


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