How To Have a Happy Valentine's Day When It Doesn't Start Out So Happy {45/365}

Today began badly.  My usually sweet children were acting like whiny monsters and I felt like Momzilla because of it.  Not a good way to start out a holiday that is supposed to be all about love now is it??

We did our usual morning routine, I made a yummy breakfast and started school.  As the morning progressed, things were still bad and getting worse.  Levi was throwing fits like I've never seen before and all was becoming chaos.   

"Who wants to spend Valentine's Day, or any day like this?", I thought.  So we put away the school books, completely switched gears and I'm so thankful we did!  

After looking back over our morning, here's just a few tips to make an unhappy Valentine's Day (or any day) better!

1.  Bring on the crafts.  Seriously, a little paint and paper can do a whole lot for children!  Let them have fun!

2.  Play some happy tunes.  Their choice was Patch the Pirate (of course!), but music always has the ability to cheer us up while calming us down. 

3.  Have a treat.  These babies are hidden in my sugar bowl.  And these are for mommy. =)  Mommy needs sugar to be sweet, right?

4.  Give a treat.  They enjoyed the rare pleasure of eating candy while painting!

5.  Go ahead and paint some more!  Once my little Picasso's start, they don't want to stop.  The table is always covered pretty quickly!

6.  Wear something red.  Red is fun.  And you have to wear red on Valentine's Day.  (Just found this sweater at Goodwill last week...yay!)

7. Eat some chocolate.  Chocolate makes the world a better place.  And my hips a little bigger, but it's all good.  I found this recipe in the newspaper and I'm going to try it today.  YUM!

8.  Be thankful!  We can always find something to be thankful for and our family has something extra special on this day. Today is not only Valentine's Day, it's Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day.  Lydia was born with three complex heart defects which resulted in her only having the left side of her heart.  She has been through three open-heart surgeries and three heart cath surgeries.  God has been so good and she is doing AWESOME!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. we started our day very similar to yours so I knew it was not going to be a good day for school either for us so I took off and went to the store for stuff for dinner then we played outdoors and enjoyed the sunshine for over an hour....then came in and it was like a whole new day with new attitudes....I think monday is not a good day to have valetines day since mondays are usually a hard day.... good to knwo someone else has days like those and doesn't mind putting school aside :)


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