Guest Post - Mr. Mom {39/365}

So this time I'm posting to my wife's blog with permission.  

This morning my wife had her wisdom teeth removed so she is currently incapacitated. It was quite an ordeal that began last Tuesday.  

I took her to her regular dentist last week with the intent of having her pull two of my wife's wisdom teeth.  The plan was to come back a few weeks later and have the other two pulled. The dentist felt sure she could pull them without any trouble. So much for feelings.

The top tooth came out fine, but when she began to attempt the removal of the lower right prudential molar, it was not so easy. In fact, she spent nearly fifteen minutes prying and wrenching before deciding that she wasn't going to be able to extract that tooth. This left my wife with a shifted molar, a sore jaw and a whole lot of disappointment.  

The dentist set us up with an oral surgeon for the following morning (Wednesday) and we went with the expectation of having the rest of her wisdom teeth removed that morning. Long story short, it was going to be more involved and cost more money than we anticipated. It simply wasn't possible to get it done that day.

For the next six days my wife endured the pain of an almost-pulled wisdom tooth while we got our ducks in a  row. We thank the Lord for a special gift of money that provided what we lacked to pay for the surgery. We finally took her this morning to have the procedure done. It was a quick surgery but certainly not painless.

Now she's resting while I play Mr. Mom. As you can see from the picture above, I'm a professional when it comes to keeping kids creatively occupied. God bless the one who invented DVDs.

What's your worst tooth experience?


  1. Honey, you make me laugh, acting like you babysit them with the TV when they are actually just watching a short 30 minute thing. =P

    You are such a great Daddy and husband, thanks for taking care of all of us so well. You are the best! I love you!

  2. The children are still living after you're in charge of them????? Without Laine????? Wow. I'm impressed. Just kidding, I'm sure you do a great job, as Laine said, above. :)

    You have adorable children. They take after their mother, that's for sure! (Honestly, I DO see you, Steven, in all your children, but I can't bring myself to admit it to you publicly.)

    Anyway, hope Laine feels better :) Have fun with the kiddos!


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