Cottage Cheese Hater {57/365}

{Levi hiding when Daddy offered him a bite of cottage cheese}

From the time our children began eating "table food", we have not allowed them to be picky eaters.  You eat what you are given with a happy face.  Period.  Also, from the time they began eating food, we only offered healthy, nutritious food so they would get a taste and appetite for "real" food and not prefer junk food.  They LOVE fruits and veggies!  But if, as they get older, there is truly a food that makes them gag and it is served at a meal, the rule is that you have to take the required amount of bites, without complaining, or you have to eat more.  That's a big incentive to eat it cheerfully!

Consequently, when people ask me, "Now, what do your children eat?", I tell them with confidence, "All three of my kids will eat anything."  And that has been very true.  Until now. 

Recently, my husband began to eat cottage cheese after hating it his whole life.  Then one day, Levi asked for a bite.  His reaction was a memorable one!  He winced, and gagged and made all sorts of faces!  Since that day, Levi literally runs when he sees the cottage cheese being removed from the refrigerator.  It is hilarious (Poor kid...he had to eat one tiny bite the other day at lunch.  He of course acted like it would kill him!  He survived.  I promise.)

Just for kicks, I wonder what would happen if I put the cottage cheese container beside something I don't want him to touch?  =)

Time to dish: what are your house rules when it comes to food?  Is there a certain food your kids really dislike?


  1. well...you know poor Scout has a vegan Mama...so he's been exposed to all kinds of 'weird' foods...and eats them all cheerfully...except bananas for some reason...he loves tofu - really...and our rule when he was younger was a 2 bite rule...you had to eat at least 2 bites of everything...it worked well for us and when we're the company at someone else's house I never have to worry that he'll say he doesn't like something...he'll always at least eat '2 bites'...

  2. Levi is too funny!

    Laine, do you remember the famous "zucchini casserole" that I made all of you eat at least two bites of...even dear Sarah? I didn't even like it.
    So proud of you for teaching my grandchildren to eat everything.
    I'm really proud of Steven for eating cottage cheese...please call me right away when he starts eating celery. I love you!


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