Busy Sewin' {49/365}

Sewin'.  That's how they say it 'round these parts. 
I still say sewing.  My favorite English teacher would be proud of my lack of conformity.  But then she would probably read the rest of this and shake her head. 


Anyways, I finally bought the fabric I've been eyeing for months.  [Thanks again, Amy, for the Hobby Lobby giftcard!]  Today I made new pillow covers for the throw pillows on my couch.  It took all of a whopping thirty minutes for the measuring, cutting, ironing and sewing.   But it made such a difference!!  Can't wait to show you tomorrow!

Have you sewn anything lately?


  1. Oooh, can't wait to see! I just posted about my new pillow covers... of course I bought mine on etsy. Wishing I could've sewn them tho!

  2. I need to get you to make my kitchen curtains.


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