The Bean Box {56/365}

Could also be entitled: "How to keep your 18 month old busy while you teach Second grade and Kindergarten."

I love this bean box.  I first made it when Lydia was in Kindergarten to keep Caleb busy.  And now it's Levi's turn. [sniff, sniff!]  Our bean box is just that: a plastic, lidded box full of different dried beans.  I put measuring spoons in it, cars, plastic animals, cups, bowls, etc.  Yes, it's a little messy, but Levi plays quietly for atleast an hour.  And that, my friend, is worth the mess!

What do you do to keep your little ones busy while you homeschool? 


  1. even though we don't homeschool, I thought I would offer up some of our favorite distractions

    pipe cleaners

    any kind of sorting activity using ice cube trays and strawberry hullers

    screws with washers and bolts- great for fine motor skills

    tracing random kitchen objects

    old fashion play dough

    flash cards- any subject


  2. Thanks Shannon! We do the screws with washers, play dough and sorting, but I had forgotten all about pipe cleaners! Thanks for the reminder. I will have to get some. Levi loves legos too. He's past the trying to eat them stage, and will sit for a looong time building.


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