Painting {28/365}

Today we are repainting our master bathroom.  I do the rolling and he does the cutting in with the brush.  (You don't want me to use a brush.  It's scary.)  But we make a great team! =)

Can't wait to show you the results!  It's looking good! 

Have you painted anything lately?


  1. bet it will be beautiful!! :] Staying busy, huh. That's great!

  2. My wife has officially joined the paparazzi. She also suffers from PCND. Paint Color Non-committal Disorder.

  3. I painted our entire house when we moved in five years ago!! Every room inside. Last summer I stained our deck. Last week I painted a new closet in our living room. There was a sink there with a base cabinet when we moved in. There were bookshelves above (so you could read while serving yourself room temperature tap water). Last week we pulled it all out and I painted it after the drywall was mudded. We are hanging a bifold door there soon and storing all our instruments and other treasures behind closed doors.

    You asked.

  4. Mrs. Parker, you make me laugh! =)

    I had already painted this bathroom (laughing sheepishly) and wanted to paint it again now that I've lived in it awhile. It was just "blah". I had just been talking about it and saying "one day I'd like to do this color" and he had to go get some pipe to hook up our shower and here he comes with the paint as well. I was so surprised! But, yeah, I've literally painted this entire house too. I hope your project turns out nice...you made me laugh about reading while drinking room temperature tap water. Ha!


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