{My Paint Colors}

I love paint.  It has the power to transform something ugly into something beautiful, and it's so easy!

Picking out the perfect paint color though is one of those things that scares most people to death.  I can attest to stressing a wee bit much about this process as well!  But it is only paint.  If you don't like it, you can paint over it.  

Our hall bathroom has no natural lighting so I knew I had to be careful and I tried three samples in here. I wanted something, light, neutral and refreshing.  The color Sea Salt (by Sherwin Williams) fit the bill perfectly.  It is a beautiful blue/green that is so calm and soothing. 

{Hall Bath}
Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams

The greatest lesson I've learned from painting the last several homes that we've lived in is this: be conscious of how all of your colors fit together.  Put the swatches all together and see how they flow.  How your colors work together can make a big impact in your home.  I will exclude kid's rooms, let your children have fun picking colors, with parental guidance of course! 

Also, don't be afraid to spend the money on samples.  Try out colors.  See how they look in different lighting and at different times during the day.  Some colors will stay relatively the same, but others are what I like to call "moody" colors and will look VERY different on opposing walls, in corners, under different lighting, etc.  

These are the swatches from my home.  I love using neutral colors on the wall so I can have the freedom to change things up and accent with something fun like my red coffee table.

Ivoire (Sherwin Williams=SW)
{Dining Room and Kitchen}

Tobacco Road (Duron/SW)
{Living Room , hallway}

Sea Salt (SW)

Comfort Gray (SW)

Tradewind (SW)
{Master Bathroom}

Oatmeal (Lowe's Signature)
{Master Bedroom}

What are your favorite paint colors?

I'm linking this up to Nester's Paint Party!


  1. Love your colors!! That Sea Salt color is so pretty!
    (Found you at the Nester!)

  2. My favorite paint color is Kilz™.

  3. Laine, you are the most thoughtful wife. Steven has no need of spoil. I see you put plates in the bathroom to go with his aforementioned spoons. Clever, girl!!

  4. Ahhhh...love the paint colors! Peaceful and Calming...and beautiful! :)

  5. Oh, Laine! You're SOO very good at decorating!! It is not my passion right now...maybe I'll grow into it?


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