So my wife has no idea I am posting this on her blog. I think the techincal term is "hacking."

We repainted the bathroom yesterday and I walk in this afternoon to find it redecorated, including the jars on the back of the toilet.

I said to her, "This is great, Laine. Now when I eat my ice cream in the bathroom, I won't have to walk all the way to the kitchen to get a spoon."

What utensils do you keep in the bathroom?

From Laine:
In my defense, I grabbed those off the open shelving in my kitchen and put them on there to see how they looked.  My plan was to remove the spoons and put something pretty or useful in the jars but didn't have time. I think he's been reading a little too much Catalog Living, don't you think?

Thank you.  Now back to my regularly scheduled posting.....=P


  1. You two crack me up. Truly...spoons in the bathroom? I would have though the same thing.

  2. haha. Too funny. Spoons?? [nods my head] ;]

  3. So funny and I hopped over to the Catalog site and had a good laugh there as well...


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