25/365 {Rosettes}

I have made lots and lots of fabric rosettes lately. I LOVE them. I've put them on pillows, lampshades, purses, sweaters, wreaths, gift packages, and of course in Lydia's hair. They are very simple to make with strips of fabric and a glue gun.
Lydia wears one practically every day and has begged on numerous occasions if I would wear one too. Yesterday I finally gave in to her pleas and clipped one on a headband. She then proclaimed that I was beautiful. =)
Now I must know. Do you wear rosettes?  Would you wear one in your hair if your daughter wanted you to?


  1. Very cute! Do you have a tutorial to share???
    I don't but maybe I would if I could make myself some!

  2. You are beautiful, Laine! We don't have any rosettes around our house, but you prompted me to look up some tutorials. I am going to have to try my hand at this soon! Would I wear one in my hair for my daughters? Probably sometimes. We went out to eat not too long ago, and Mary ordered a burger with no onions. Her burger came with a sticker on it marked "special." She promptly took it off her burger, placed it on my hand, and told me, "You're special, Mama." I wore it on my hand for several hours. I can wear fast food stickers; I'm sure I could wear rosettes. :)

  3. Very cute. and yes you are beautiful. still. :]


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