Our family officially has a new favorite game: "Sorry Sliders!" 

I found it soon after Christmas at Goodwill for $0.50 and in perfect condition. It usually retails for over $20.  Yay!

"Sorry Sliders" is an exciting but rather addicting game. It even has four game boards so you can switch it up for more ways to play.  We have had a blast as a family and have been playing it ALOT.   

What is your favorite family game?


  1. We love Sorry - but we don't have the sliders version of it...great find!

  2. We play games all the time. Tonight we played Operation. Over the weekend we played a new game that I ordered online called The Allowance Game- it is awesome (think Monopoly, but realistic for kids). They make change from real looking coins, lose a turn for forgetting to turn in homework, have to pay for over due library books, etc.. We also are big fans of Pictionary.

  3. so like right now at this very moment in time it's um..."BusyTown Eye found it" game. Super fun stuff. ;]


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