We are still enjoying all this white stuff that has been hanging around, but after multiple sledding accidents the last two days, this Mommy was thrilled at the mention of trucks and G.I. Joes!  


  1. "What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger!"

  2. Love all your pictures!! :] Cute. Sorry it's been crazy around here. Missions Conference. then my health. blah. Trying to figure stuff out about my health my hearts been hurting and blood pressure has been up, and I've been extremly exhausted, butttt anyway could be I'm still anemic or my platelets have dropped, or my thyroid has finally decided to be high instead of borderline. :] Me and my medical issues...haha. :] Anywho should be back to posting soon! Love checking in on yours! Your are doing AWESOME! Love all your pictures. I'm a follower hehe. Not so you can see my "pretty" face. haha but so you can see my "cheesy" grin that I work so graciously on way back when I was in highschool with this crazy girl named "Lainey Brainy". hehe. :]


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