Happy 3 months Levi!

Levi, it's so hard to believe that you are already three months old. Time has flown. What have we learned about you during these last three months?

That you are the most layed back kid. EVER. You cry so little that you could go down into the "never cries" category. Nothing seems to phase you, well, except hunger. Then you let your feelings be known through mild whimpering. But even then , I don't think that can even qualify as crying. To sum up, you are a super sweet, cuddly and calm kinda' guy.

We've learned that you are just the cutest thing on God's green earth. Right up there with your big brother and sister. Even with spit-up and drool running down your chin.

We've learned that you have the most wonderfully squishy cheeks that just keep getting squishier! {Same applies to your other little baby cheeks, but we won't talk about that lest you be embarrassed.} Your love for nursing is becoming quite evident as you have now begun to outgrow most 3-6 month clothes. You are one big, chubby boy and we love it!

Yep. You're a keeper. And now we'll quit taking your picture and let you go to sleep since you are SO tired and giving that blank stare.
We love you little man and we've thoroughly enjoyed these first three months of your life!


  1. He is adorable! Can't believe he's already three months. Looking forward to meeting him and seeing the rest of you in just a couple of weeks!

  2. Laine,
    Your MIL just sent me the address to your blog. It is darling and wonderful! Congratulations on your 3 sweet miracles. God is good--all the time. Was nice to catch up with you on here! You have a beautiful family.
    Donna--otherwise known as Miss Bixby :-)

  3. I know this is old but I was reading thru some of these and my little grace is four months and still in newborn !!! I Thoth that was funny


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