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These pictures evoke a whole gammet of emotions when I look at them.

Laughter...my little (not really little anymore but I'm in denial, okay?) almost six-year-old drama queen who will happily sit and dig in the mud was horrified that I wanted her lower extremities to touch the grass. I know, what kind of mother am I anyway??

Excitement...my usually-squirmy-former-youngest, now turned middle child, was incredibly still while I took these pictures. I think I almost went into shock.

Joy...soon after we found out that Levi was a Levi and not a Lucy, I saw that little shirt sporting "little Brother" and decided that I just had to have it for him. I even payed full price for it, that's how much I wanted it! (Please forgive my non-frugal moment!) It hung in my closet for months as I daily looked at it and tried to imagine him wearing it. And now, here they all are, Big Sister, Big Brother and Little Brother all together. Wow.

Wonder...that these three sweet, beautiful, amazing little people are actually mine....that I get the privilege to be their Mom. That we are a family of five now...FIVE!

Love...just look at them...I think my heart is going to burst!



  1. Laine they are all so beautiful!! Levi is a handsome little fella! Enjoy these precious early months...they fly by!!!

  2. Oh Mrs Laine he is so adorable and they all look cute. :) Well love ya. :)


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