Cloth Diapering 101

Yes, please don't shudder at the title. =) It's okay though. I understand.

Cloth diapers used to make ME shudder. The flat diapers, diaper pins and Gerber plastic pants were what I knew. And even now they make me want to run for the hills.

But, cloth diapering is NOT what it used to be when I was helping diaper my baby brothers. It has changed completely! There are no pins, folding diapers or rinsing diapers in the toilet. No my friend, because if it was, I wouldn't be doing it.

Cloth diapering...you are cloth diapering, you say???? Well, technically not yet. But we have decided to cloth diaper Levi when he arrives in less than 9 weeks. And I'm very excited! There are many reasons why I want to cloth diaper, but instead of reiterating what was so well written, go here to read Simple Mom's Cloth Diapering 101 articles. I encourage you to read them!! Even if you would never do it, it would help you understand why we are making the choices we have.

She is also giving away some diapers on her blog!! Making the switch to cloth is not the cheapest thing at first, but in the long run you save SO much money (the numbers would surprise you!) I hope I win and can begin to build my stash!

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  1. Very interesting! I tried cloth diapers with Grace. She had horrible rashes with them. Now I figure it was because of the laundry detergents I was using. You know how sensitive she is to any chemicals. In fact, I could only use two brands of disposable diapers with her. I gave away the cloth diapers long ago. Otherwise I would have passed them along to you! They really were pretty nice (except for the rash). Hope you enjoy your latest adventure!


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