Strange But True

About six weeks ago I finally was able to talk my husband into installing two retractable clotheslines for me. Our dryer is almost as old as I am and takes about 90 minutes to dry a small load. We have to turn it on twice for most things. Definitely not energy efficient!

You're wondering what the strange phenomenon is? Since using my clothesline, I am more on top of laundry than I have EVER been. I know, strange but true.

Am I ready to ditch the dryer? No, not entirely. I have to use it for some things.....as in you won't be seeing any underwear flapping in the breeze around here! =)

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  1. Hey, blackmail pictures would be nice!! HAHA! Wish you could be there! That'd be awesome. June is such a popular month for weddings...=) I remember yours a long, long, long, long time ago. J/k.=)

    I've heard about that trick, but don't know what it is for?? What is it for? I use the 9-inch springform pan. I didn't crisco the sides of it enuf and the crust was all getting ripped off. Whoops.=) Mines had a big ole' crack in it too. I was in such a hurry though....=) Hopefully they won't turn out like that next week!!=) Love ya girl! And can't wait to see that baby!!


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