Boys' Day Out

This past Friday, Caleb, Daddy and Grandpa spent the morning and part of the afternoon at the car show at Lowe's Motor Speedway. Caleb has been looking forward to this for about 6-7 weeks! He asked practically every day, "Is the car show after this bed??!" He was so sweet too, he really wanted Lydia and I to come. I told him I wouldn't be able to walk that long and he said, "Oh, that's okay Mommy! I'll pull you in the wagon!" =)

Caleb and Grandpa!

Can you see the reflection of the motor, etc. in the hood of this car? Wow! Hhhmmm...I wonder if the owner of this car would come and clean my house?

This car is so cool! A local college student built this as a project for a class. The entire frame and body are made of wood. You can even see it in the tires. Amazing!

Mr. Caleb had the time of his life hanging with Daddy and Grandpa and looking at his favorite things in the world...CARS! And don't you just love the hat Grandpa bought for him? Suits him perfectly. I'm loving how it makes his little ears poke out. SO cute!

What did Lydia and I during the boys' day out? Paint nails. Talk. Shop. Eat out. You know...girl stuff. =)

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