Wednesday Night: Kids Big & Little

Arrghhh Mateys!! Hee-hee, aren't they so cute dressed up in their Patch club garb? There were many other children at Patch Club Wednesday night but the teacher forgot to get a picture of all of them. ( I would have too!) Lydia and Caleb really enjoyed Patch club on Wednesday night and have eagerly done their daily assignments.

Meet the engaged couple! Tim and Emily were so nice and let me snap their picture for my blog. They work with the teenagers at our church and have been doing a wonderful job. I think we will go into withdrawals when they leave after graduation from Ambassador in May. Our children adore them, they are both so sweet. Fun fact: they are getting married August 8th, the day before Mr. Levi is due! And no, we won't be able to go to their wedding because of the afore mentioned fact. But they'd better send pictures! =)

Maybe in the coming weeks I'll have more pictures to share with you of our church and it's members. But it will take a while...don't want to traumatize our congregation, you know. Well, not yet atleast. =)


  1. I just found your blog! It was so funny to come across this entry. Brings back so many great memories of our time at Gospel Light. We hope you are all doing well.

  2. Oh, by the way this is Emily :)


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