Praise the Lord!

I apologize for the delay in my update...so much happened on Friday that I didn't have one minute to sit at the computer! We appreciate so much those of you who lifted us up in prayer yesterday. We both felt so peaceful and were so excited to see our little one.

When we arrived at the office yesterday, we were told we needed to go upstairs to meet with the genetic counselor before the ultrasound. We had a brief meeting with her and finally were able to get a look at our baby. Our sonographer was so sweet and actually had done some of Caleb's ultrasounds.

We were all laughing as soon as she started....our baby was standing on it's head! Just hanging out looking oh so comfortable! Oh my, we are SO in trouble! =) Because of our little one's odd position, the scan took quite a while. And despite much poking, prodding, shaking and even tilting the bed until I was almost on MY head...baby refused to move! But thankfully, the sonographer was able to see everything she needed to and we indeed have a healthy and whole baby. Baby's heart is beautiful with four chambers and correct left and right outflow tracks. We saw 2 kidneys, a bladder, a stomach, 3 vessel cord, correct brain growth, etc., it was all there. Everything measured perfectly and our baby is already half of a pound! Also, the blood clot that I had is completely gone, they couldn't even see a sign that it had ever been there. Again, praise the Lord!

We are extremely grateful and thankful for God answering our prayers! My regular OB appointment that followed went well also. He made the statement, "Wow, you've never done pregnancy like this before! This is great!" What else can I say but that God is good.

What I am about to say may sound strange, but since it has been a cropping up more and more, I feel compelled to say something. Recently I've had quite a few comments made to me about this pregnancy that we finally "deserve a healthy full term baby." Well, I would have to disagree. I don't think it's some mighty privilege that somehow we've earned. I count it a privilege and great blessing to be the mother to the two amazing kids I have. And I feel completely undeserving and grateful beyond words to now have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Yes, this is may be a first for me, as the two have never coincided. But deserving? No. Blessed beyond what I actually do deserve? Absolutely!

It is too late and I'm too tired to put up any pictures right now, but hopefully on Monday you'll have plenty to look at. And I can't wait to show you how we told Lydia and Caleb whether they would have a baby brother or a baby sister! =) We also finally settled on a name....just a hint: It starts with "L".

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Okay that is so wrong! You said all that and didn't even tell me what you are having!! I was so excited to find out! And the "L" ...oh what, could that be...I don't know...Laine, Lee, Landon, Lance, Lorna, Luke, LeAnn, Leighann, ummm...Lulu...can't think of anymore...Pray do tell!! I would love to know!! Love ya!


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