Let It Snow!!

We finally got some real snow here for the first time in several years! I must admit, I was extremely skeptical because it had been raining for days and the temperature didn't seem cold enough. When we went into church on Sunday evening around 5:45 it was still raining hard and we had only seen a few snow flakes. Our church cut our services short so we could all get home safely and when we came out a little before 7:00, the ground, trees and cars were all covered in snow. It was a winter wonderland!
When we finally arrived home, we had a blast playing in it! Lydia and Caleb LOVED it and we stayed outside until they were frozen! Well, not literally of course. =)

Silly girl didn't want a hat. Yet. =)

Caleb coming at me with a snow ball while I was inside, lil' booger!

We took our snowball fight outside finally. =)

My handsome men! Poor Caleb...he had to wear purple gloves since we couldn't find his!

(I'll be posting more pictures of the snow today and tomorrow so stay tuned!)


  1. Looks like everyone on the east coast got snow. How fun! Love the pictures!...=) Kids are so adorable!


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