Having Fun With My Rebel

My Canon digital Rebel xsi that is. My amazing husband surprised me with it for Christmas! Since then, I've been having so much fun learning all of it's different functions. It is truly a sweet camera!
Everything looked so beautiful covered in snow and I thought I'd have some fun experimenting with the different settings. I didn't touch up or crop any of these yet since I haven't had the time, but here are a few of my favorites.

I'm absolutely certain that the little old man across the street thinks I'm crazy now. I shot the photos below while lying under my favorite tree in the front yard. In the snow. (Hey, you can't blame a girl for trying to get some cool pictures!) At which time my neighbor came out of his house and saw me. And I think it sealed the deal as to what he thought of my mental state when he hollered across the street and asked if my television was working. I told him I didn't have a television. He just stared. And then walked back inside. Poor guy, I think I'd be scared too! But anyhow, here's my favorites from under the tree. =)

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