I Boycotted Harris Teeter Triples

This time around that is. And I must confess, it is hard for me. The urge to get to the store before everybody else does, before school, armed with my list and coupons (and tired children!), awaiting the satisfaction that comes from getting a cartload of groceries for a ridiculously low price (like 92 cents) is hard to overcome. Stretching my grocery budget by getting good deals is important to me, but it is not the most important thing.

I also must admit that God has been teaching me ALOT through this pregnancy. I have learned more about trusting Him, that's for sure, but more than that, I'm learning to listen when He is telling me to slow down.

The beginning of this pregnancy began very rough and I was on complete bedrest for almost two weeks and then on an off bedrest up until about two weeks ago. (I still have to take it easy though!) Although bedrest itself is nothing new to me, bedrest, while having two children, and homeschooling is! Things quickly began to spiral out of control while I was laid up on the couch. But you know what I realized? That downward spiral had already begun before any of that happened!

See, I'm a girl that always has a lot swirling around in my head. (I know...don't let it shock you!) I love to try new things, whether it be a recipe, a craft, new homeschool tip or whatever and I easily get sidetracked by all of these new ideas. I thrive on creativity and I want to do them all! And in turn my priorities get all out of whack. Instead of doing any of them, I go into overload and end up accomplishing nothing. My days have no rhyme or reason to them and I end up just flying by the seat of my pants/skirt/whatever. (You get the point!)

God has really convicted me in this matter and slowly, but surely, things are getting back in order. But it all had to begin with the choice to put things back in order...it just wasn't going to happen for me! The biggest thing has been reimplementing my morning routine of rising early, reading my Bible, praying and preparing for the day before my children get up. Those simple steps have always, and are again making the biggest difference in my life. It's amazing how that when I listen and do what I know I need to, everthing else falls into place with much greater ease!

My little people and I had an awesome day yesterday and I believe one of the biggest reasons is that we are getting back in "the groove" because my priorities are right. There is order to our days and everyone is much happier! But again, I'll confess that right now it's still sort of in the fragile stage and I don't want to get thrown off.

So attention Harris Teeter or any other "important" thing that tries to catch my attention....until we really have our "groove on", we won't be seeing you anytime soon!

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  1. Your story sounds so much like mine! I just got a very heart felt scolding from my hubbie for trying to do too much too soon. I'm pregnant for the first time and spent some time on the couch in my first trimester as well as an evening in the ER!

    I'm just so tired of having a dirty unorganized house! I haven't couponed in 3 months and I just want things to go back to where they were now that I'm off the couch!

    But like you said, we must slow down and prioritize. God first, family next, coupons last. :-)


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