Got Beans?

This has to be the best idea. EVER. (Although you'll have to pardon the fact that I don't remember where I got it!)
I found an old bag of "15 bean soup" mix in the back of my cupboard that has been waiting for a crockpot and a ham bone. But alas, I never bought a ham this year and so it continued to sit. Until two weeks ago.
We were having one of "those" days. (Ever have those?) And as I was on the brink of losing my sanity while trying to homeschool and entertain a three year old, I poured the neglected beans into a Sterilite container, added a few dried black beans and gave it to my rambunctious three year old. Caleb sat for 2 hours. TWO WHOLE HOURS. With barely a peep. He played and played with his "digger" and dump trucks and had a blast.

Since then I've added a few medicine cups (you know, the little clear ones you get with Robitussin, etc.) and that has brought even more excitement. He loves to pour the beans back and forth between the cups. My children LOVE playing with this...it is usually the first thing off of the shelf in the morning.
So fellow Mommies, if you are looking for something to keep your little people busy, I highly suggest some dried beans and a plastic container!!

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  1. I totally agree about the bin of beans - When the Man-Cub was little - we had a big bin of beans - the kind that slides under the bed and he played with his 'diggers' for hours too.


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